Temporary & Contract Staffing

Ackerman provides monthly-rated or hourly rated staffing solutions on a contractual basis, for temporary or project based assignments that require a specific commitment period or when obtaining headcounts are a business concern.

Our Contract Staffing solutions will oversee the recruitment, administrative & human resource aspects of the contract staff during the duration of the contractual period. We also provide payroll services; saving our clients the huge hassle of providing payroll to the contract/temp staffs.

Payroll Services

As we aim to be your one-stop service provide in the employment field, apart from providing temporary and contract staffing solutions, we also provide Payroll Services and will manage all the necessary administration such as insurance and compensation to offer our clients a peace of mind.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is such that Ackerman Global Search serving as a fully outsourced human resource recruitment function to our clients.

A RPO solution will enable an organisation’s HR department to shift their focus on parts of the HR spectrum focusing on strategic initiatives, leverage its core competencies, and reducing human capital expenses. Many organisations recognised that bringing this capability in-house can be too costly but working with an RPO provider gives companies the ability to leverage its expertise, cost-efficiencies, industry best practices and other economies of scale to improve the recruitment process.

As an RPO partner we act as a Master Vendor – We are your recruitment consultants and as a management function, we are responsible for the recruitment process entirely. Such arrangement involves the selection and maintenance of suitable partnership agreements with other consultancies and managing the recruitment efforts on behalf of our clients.