Finance & Accounting

At Ackerman Global, we fully comprehend that when it comes to finance & accounting function, the combination of technical capabilities, ethics and integrity is essential to the success of any organisation. Our vastly connected specialists within this function are equipped with the industry knowledge and experience to uncover talents suited to your esteemed organisation.


We offer a partnership approach using our experience to bring together talents and employers for a successful match. Our portfolio includes roles such as HR generalist, change management, learning and development, compensation & benefits and also leadership roles that include head of HR and HR manager and HR strategist.

From experience, we understand how HR plays an essential role in the success of a company and how to best match HR talents with opportunities that meet their technical competencies and career aspirations.


Our specialists within the Sales & Marketing space fully comprehend the immeasurable contribution of Sales & Marketing staff to a company’s sustainability and reputation.  We fulfil sales and marketing positions across various industries. We leverage on our vast network and meaningful connections of our clients, and on top of that, many of our specialists have experience working in direct sales or marketing.