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Year 2020
October 2020


Our Client

Our client is a Oil & Gas Logistic firm

The Opportunity

1. Bales (rectangle blocks of synthetic rubber) visual inspection during normal operation:
a. Manual transfer of Bales from roller conveyor to table & vice versa.
b. Manual pack & transfer of waste Bale.
c. Using butcher knife removing Bale surfaces impurities.
d. Using butcher knife, double handles knife & stainless-steel string cutter for sample collection.
e. Manual adjustment of Bales weight by cutting away excess weight or cut additional piece to add-on to it.
f. Updating of checklists on impurities observation; off-specification Bales transferred & records of samples collected.
g. Removed & pack cut waste rubber. Transfer into waste rubber container.
h. Removal of leak rubber from equipment.
i. Basic troubleshooting / equipment recovery during normal operation.

2. Cleaning of equipment & housekeeping during shutdown:
a. Using crowbar for removing of spilled rubber from flooring.
b. Using butcher knife cutting excessively large piece of spilled rubber.
c. Using metal & plastic scrapper removing spilled rubber from equipment & flooring.
d. Using stainless steel string cutter cutting large piece of spilled rubber.
e. Using brooms & dustpan on general housekeeping.
f. Using waste rag for dry & wet cleaning of equipment.
g. Using detergent (magiclean & cif) & stainless polisher for equipment cleaning with aids of sponge & green wool.
h. Equipment internal cleaning at temperature range of 28oC to 32oC.
i. Laying of LDPE sheet for spill rubber containment.

3. Re-inspection & re-packaging of Bales:
a. Using butcher knife cutting embedded impurities from Bales.
b. Manual transfer Bales for re-packaging.
c. Manual packaging within metal box (30 pieces of 35 kg each) with aids of Bale’s spade & guide.
d. Assembling of metal boxes.


Min Primary School Education
Able to lift 35kg worth of rubber when the machine is down
12 hours rotating shifts ( 8am to 8.30pm or 0800 to 0830am)
SGD 1,400 + Allowances + OT + bonus


EA License : 11C4792

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