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Our main goal is to provide high-quality manpower development in partnership with our clients. We are based in Singapore, with a network of associates in Southeast Asia, India, China, Japan and the US. This arrangement allows us to provide executive search services for positions in these countries.

While most firms communicate with their candidates and analyze their experience, we go beyond that – evaluating their personality using proprietary tests developed by Ackerman Global Search. This allows us to better assess the suitability of the candidate.

In addition to social media platforms, we also identify suitable candidates from our database and referrals from candidates within the same profession.Our recruitment procedure is transparent and in line with international standards


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Employer Testimonials

“Professional and fast!”

HR Director
Banking Industry

“Ackerman Global Search went above and beyond to assist me in my job search by providing good interview tips and career advice”


Senior Engineer
IT Industry

Being a candidate and a client with Ackerman Global Search is easy! Professional and Transparent throughout their whole recruitment process

HR Professional
Hospitality Industry